Sunday, July 08, 2018

The bears ate our pizza crusts

I was woken in the night by Husband getting up. He went into the living area and a few moments later he stuck his head around the door and said, "Are you awake?"
"Er, yes."
"There are some creatures raiding our rubbish bin."

I got up to peer from behind the curtains but they had disappeared.
"Creatures? What were they?"
"I don't know. They looked like bears."

In the cool light of morning it became, "They might have been foxes. I didn't have my glasses on."

I am sticking with the "it was bears" theory. They don't mention there being bears in the region in the tourist information but that is probably to avoid frightening tourists away and there are lots of statues of bears around thelace. Case proven.

Because if I thought that Husband got me up to see foxes ...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm trying to think how you could tell the difference between a bear and a fox quickly to someone ...

nick said...

Jenny often asks me if I'm awake just as I'm dropping off to sleep. She has something vitally important to tell me, like all those useful pockets in her new handbag.

Liz Hinds said...

We're thinking they may have been marmots now. They live in the area though usually up the mountains.

Jenny is probably like me, Nick. If she doesn't tellyou when she thinks about it she will forget.

tammy j said...

so good to see you here Nick!
and Liz.
this vacation (holiday is such a more beautiful word though)
well. this holiday has been like reading your book. I have needed it!