Thursday, July 12, 2018

On the road again

A long day's travelling today to St. Malo ready for our voyage home tomorrow.

We're staying in a bed and breakfast place in a very small pretty village just outside the town and this evening we walked around the old walled town before having a delicious meal in a small restaurant off the main streets. The town is very chic these days not like when Husband sailed here in his friend's catamaran back in university days. Yes, he showed me the restaurant where he had the most enormous crab.

These days every building seems to house a restaurant, mainly creperies and mouleries, for want of a better word. I am surprised there are any mussels left in the English channel seeing the many huge bowlfuls being enjoyed this evening.

So tomorrow morning we set off on the last stages of our holiday. It's been wonderful.

As we were driving today I was thinking about the effect holidays have on me. It's not just the rest, the seeing lovely places and the eating; it's the bubble within which I feel enclosed. Removed from real life and not just removed but safe from all the potential problems that life can throw at you. As if when on holiday I am immune from illness, death, and any sort of tragedy that can strike in reality.

Of course that's not true but it's a good feeling while it lasts.

It's late. I am getting maudlin. Put it down to post-holiday blues arriving early. I shall go to sleep now. Bonne nuit.

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