Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's coming home!

No, wait, I mean, "We're coming home."

First stage of return journey completed. We're in a motel just off the motorway somewhere near Riom. The worst bit will be tomorrow when we have a five hour journey to St. Malo.

But I haven't told you what we've been up to for the last two days. To be honest I needed time to distance myself from the memory.

Having walked up a mountain to a lake on Sunday - and worn ourselves out- we decided to take a cable car up another mountain to see a glacier. As long as the ride didn't look too scary. This is what we saw when we arrived at La Grave (good name).
You can see the starting point on the bottom right. The green strip then runs up the mountain; that's the cable car route. Or rather that's half of it. At that point you get out and get into another car for the remainder of the ride, the scariest, steepest, rockiest bit. It takes thirty minutes altogether including six stops, dangling in mid air, while people get on or off at the top and bottom.

But I did it!
You can't tell I'm nervous, can you? I managed to stop clinging on when we were coming down and only screamed hysterically when Husband stood up to take a photo.

But it was all worth it. The view was amazing, the glacier gorgeous and the ice caves stunning. If only I'd been wearing sensible shoes.

I'll be posting lots of photos of our trip when I get home and it isn't such a laborious process but here's one to keep you going.

But I was to discover that the cable car ride wasn't the scariest thing on our day out.

Our journey to La Grave was mostly along a valley without any really scary bits; on our journey back we were forced to take a detour, not this time thanks to Ms Sat Nav but because of an over-turned lorry blocking the road.

The only alternative route was over the mountain.

The previous evening we'd been in Bourg d'Osian and looking across the valley I could see what looked like a road on the edge of the mountain. "That can't be a road," I said. "Nobody could drive along there. But there are houses up there. They must have some access."

It was a road. 

I can't bear to think about it it was so terrifying. 

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