Monday, May 07, 2018

George and the dragon

I had to force George to come for a walk with me yesterday morning. He really didn't want to go. But he hadn't walked the day before and it wasn't yet the heat of the day so I 'persuaded' him.

His pace was such that I was able to study each blade of grass and crack in the pavement on the way. One man stopped his car to let us cross the road. I was tempted to wave him on: he was in for such a long wait. George has no concept of cars, traffic, roads, not being the most important creature in the place. 

I had intended to walk to the top of Clyne Gardens - it's built on a hillside - but he was so slow I told him we'd just cross the bottom but then ... he began to play with an 18-month-old dog and suddenly he had energy.

'Right, we can walk up the hill now then!'
'Oh, no, I'm too tired. Don't make me walk up the hill.'

Okay, I'm very tired now.
Ah, that's nice, just what I needed.
P.S. Title of post is dramatic licence.

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Jane said...

The picture of him in the water made me laugh. He's a cutie!