Monday, May 07, 2018

Born to be a granny

children are not a distraction
Thursday morning was spent in a trampoline park helping GrandDaughter2 celebrate her third birthday, followed later by a birthday tea party. (Note to self: next time remember to wear exercise bra.)

Port Eynon

Saturday I was fortunate enough to be invited to accompany Younger Son, Nuora and GrandSon4 to Port Eynon where we built a sand boat, paddled in the sea, found crabs, ate ice cream (shared with GS4) and generally had a jolly good time.

Sunday was almost a child-free day but, thankfully, GrandSon4 and his parents joined us later in the afternoon to play in the garden in the sunshine.


Today it's family barbecue time - and a trip to the Little Trains.

I was born to be a granny.

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