Friday, May 04, 2018

Beautiful Birks

Two new pairs of shoes in one week. 
new birkenstocks
Like buses. I go for years without them and then two come at once.

My converse-lookalikes (Sainsburys' best) have been needed as for several weeks I've been putting up with wet feet as the soles have detached themselves from the top but the final straw was stepping in some doggy do-do. The Birkenstocks (genuine) are replacing my old and much-loved pair. (I had to ask Husband to put my old ones in the bin as the attachment is too great.)

What with those and my Doc Marten's (last November) it's been quite a year for me and shoes. They'll be calling me Imelda next.


PipeTobacco said...

The "Imelda" comment made me laugh out loud! :) I think I may be similar to you in terms of shoes.... I tend to keep them for a very long time and only have a few pair (perhaps 7 total). Interestingly for me, I seem to always wear out my shoes from the inside, not the outside. I attribute this to the unfortunately sweaty nature of my feet.

Since I started running, however, I do get a brand new pair of shoes for that purpose once a year. After 1500 miles, the support is pretty well worn out and to try to keep my feet healthy to run, I indulge in that yearly purchase.

I am sorry about your goldfish. Even if only a "minor" companion, it is still a loss.

I have not seen Goth coffee yet in my area. It does sound like I would like it! I will search and see if we have it somewhere around my region. I do believe charcoal can be helpful.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Our local supermarket had those "not-quite Converse" too ... in a very fetching shade of brown. I suddenly understood the whole Imelda-thing. Now it's not raining, I'm very tempted.