Monday, March 26, 2018

Shock! Horror! The badness of cawl!

Lamb cawl
'Cawl is the most un-ecofriendly dish in the world,' Husband announced.
'What?! Rubbish!'
'It's on the BBC website so it must be true.'
'How can that be? What about ...' and I listed a whole host of other meals.
'Don't tell me; tell the BBC,' Husband protested. 'It's on their website.'

So the actual headline  was "Lamb cawl named British dish with 'highest carbon footprint'". According to a report from the WWF "a bowl of lamb cawl produced the same amount of carbon as boiling a kettle 258 times,' thus making it the worst offender ... of not every other meal in the world, as Husband had claimed, but of four iconic British dishes. It was compared to chicken tikka masala, a ploughman's lunch and fish and chips. (Yes, I wondered why the traditional British roast wasn't on this list too.)

The WWF says these dishes are all candidates to disappear or change as a result of climate change. But, "If each of us takes a small action, together we can combat climate change and future-proof our best-loved dishes."

Let's do it for cawl!


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Because Cawl uses too much gas/electricity to cook?
My(Dutch)weekend paper had pages of similar gloom about food a few weekends ago. Tins of soup are more milieu-friendly! Going in shifts to a communal canteen for a bowl of porridge seemed to be what we should be doing to avoid global warming.

Liz Hinds said...

I suppose the fuel usage would be part of their logic but also flatulence from lambs. So communal porridge would be better as long as the porridge is made with water not milk (because cows fart too.)

Trying to cut down on plastic is bad enough without having to worry about what I'm cooking as well.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

What is Cawl? Amazes me that Chicken Tikka marsala is a British iconic dish ...ploughman lunch has disappeared. . And now we are lucky to find an A chippy .