Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Plastic free thirty three

It is Younger Son's birthday today. (Happy Birthday!) His present to himself is to name the coming year Plastic-free Thirty-three. Yes, he aims to live a plastic-free life as far as possible. 

With plastic in one form or another ubiquitous in everyday life it's going to be hard to be completely free - no, wait, I remember he said this year is a sort of introductory year in which he will be working towards Thirty-four Plastic No More. It's a wonderful aim; we will all have seen the damage done to wildlife and the environment. And I salute him. And maybe, with more and more places banning single-usage plastic items, the world is gradually waking up to the problem.

I am thinking about the story of all the hundreds of
starfish washed up on a beach and the little boy who asked his granddad why he's putting them back in the sea one by one when he can't do them all and it won't make a difference. And the grandfather replies that for one starfish it will make a difference.
Plastic found on a short stretch of beach

I am too lazy to be committed to plastic-free but even if I could just think a bit more and, for example, say no to packaging it'll make a bit of a difference. An even bigger difference if we all did it.

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