Sunday, February 04, 2018

This is definitely not fake news

It concerns me that people are so susceptible to fake news. I suppose I am late to this topic but this week I came across it at close quarters. (Not family, by the way; they are much too smart.)

'They have put new pay-to-sit benches in Singleton park. After a while spikes pop up. It's to deter rough sleepers and it's disgusting.'
Well, I walk in Singleton now and again and I hadn't seen any such benches. Also I don't think the council would have got away with sneaking them in without one or more of our public-spirited walkers complaining and reporting it to the local paper. I tried to say this but my argument was refuted because, 'My friend put it up on Facebook.' So therefore it must be true.

The same person also said that it's a fact that babies are being microchipped in California and in Europe. I didn't even try and argue with that.

Later, when I had a chance, I checked out these 'facts'. They were quickly disproved.

It's so easy for anyone to say anything on the internet and with the help of Photoshop to 'prove' it as well. But it's usually equally easy to disprove. If only people bothered to check out the items which horrify them it would be much harder to spread fake news.

I have been caught out in the past so now I am very careful. Unless a fact comes from a reputable source and is backed up by other equally reputable sources I will avoid it. Even if it seems to be challenging my very beliefs. I don't have enough time to check and post everything that comes my way so, on the whole, I only post my usual nonsense.

For which I am sure you are grateful!
how to recognise fake news
Incidentally the stories I write on here are always totally accurate and true. (Apart from those in which I allow myself dramatic licence.)


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can see pensioners being microchipped, though .
Oh wait a minute, you can. I've read the leaflets. It costs about 350 Euros.

Jimmy said...

This is one of the reasons I have all but stopped using Facebook, too many made up stories, I like your outlook on fake news simply check out the story and think before you immediately post it.