Monday, January 15, 2018

Into the dome ...

It's 1.18 pm and I still haven't done anything. Not quite true: I have showered - finally - and I'm dressed. I've also begun writing the story of The Frog, the Boy and the Princess. For posterity you know.

I'm taking a day off. Not often I do that and it's a bit of a shock to the system. I'm having to try really hard to do nothing. (That's a lie for a start.) So we'll walk soon but before that I'll blog a bit more.

About twenty miles to the west of Swansea you'll find the National Botanic Garden of Wales and during the month of January they're offering free weekday entry. As it normally costs about £10 that's a bargain we couldn't ignore so on Friday Nuora, GrandSon4 and I set off on a cold frosty morning.

National Botanic Gardens Wales
The futuristic dome houses microclimates from around the world - and is a pleasant change when it's chilly outside.
Not a lot of colour in the gardens but lots of friendly robins. 

The buffalo statue stands on an area turned over to plants of the American prairies and similar Welsh terrains.

As GrandSon4 fell asleep in his buggy we were able to enjoy a quiet walk around the park reaching parts I hadn't seen before.

One of my favourite bits of the gardens is the part given over to 10 ancient tree stumps from Ghana. The Ghost Forest was the idea of artist Angela Palmer who was horrified to that rainforests were disappearing so rapidly. The idea is that the tree stumps are 'ambassadors' for rainforests. (Ghana was chosen because it now sustainably manages its forests.)
I am amazed to discover I don't have any better photos of the tree stumps. It really would help if I named my photos not relied on my memory.

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Sharon Qualls said...

I take every day off and it's not as great as it's cracked up to be.
So nice that the botanical garden is so close to you and free during the week is a super deal!