Friday, January 05, 2018

Gotta get me some negative ions

Deciding to walk UP the hill to the top cliff path was not one of my better decisions I realised when, only two steps in, I thought I might cry with the pain. Yes, I'm still suffering after Legs, Bums and Tums.

But by the time we reached the beach at the other end I was beginning to think that maybe I was limbered up and stretched out and getting over the ache ... but I was wrong. 

A few negative ions from the crashing waves always revive me though. Just don't ask me to pick anything off the floor for a while.
sea sun and cloud

* * * * * * * * * 
Meanwhile is there anything that can surpass the moment when, after thinking you'd given them all to the grandchildren, you find a chocolate hidden at the back of the tree? (Okay, probably lots of things surpass it but it's pretty good anyway.)

And I suppose I should throw these away.
Long ago discarded these 30-odd year-old sacks were nestled away in the decorations suitcase. And I'll say it before Younger Son does: more care and effort went into the first than the last! But I had three children by then; life was busy.


PipeTobacco said...

The sacks are so cute. I would definitely continue to save them. But I am a very sentimental sort of fellow.

Sharon Qualls said...

Perhaps a freshening and press would make them nice to use to place next year's gifts for the children and let them decide what to do with them? Was a cute idea. The mice decided for me about the huge 'Santa' stockings that I made and used so many years ago.
Climb a hill? No, not for me.

Liz Hinds said...

PipeTobacco, they are still resting on the sofa while I decide their future!

Sharon, that is a possibility. Maybe I'll ask the children.