Monday, January 15, 2018

But what became of the horse?

A weekend in Surrey for GrandSon3's birthday party. We took two of our Swansea grandchildren with us so the weekend was less about relaxation and more about hyper-activity and over-excitement.

The grands loved: 
seeing their cousins;
Uncle Rob's pizza;
that they could jump from bed to bed in our hotel room;
the reading light over the bed;
hotel breakfast where they could help themselves;
honey on croissant (GrandSon2) and yogurt from a bowl of ice (GrandDaughter1);
watching aeroplanes come in to Heathrow;
the story of The Frog, the Boy and the Princess.

'Wouldn't you like to play on your tablet?' I asked.
'No! We want a story!'
'We could listen to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.'
'No, we want you to tell us a story!'

I have not missed my vocation as a story-teller. Only grandchildren are forgiving enough to understand when Granny gets the names mixed up and Bert the postman turns into Bert the milkman in the course of the adventure. Or that she forgets the horse.

Elder Son made a very dashing Mr Todd though.
He also made an excellent Peter Rabbit cake.
Peter Rabbit birthday cake

And Daughter-in-law organised a great party with loads of Peter Rabbit themed games and activities. Much fun was had by all.

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