Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Loving and losing

My latest article for The Bay has now been published. It's a special Christmas/New Year bumper edition, and I think my article is rather good!

The Bay is delivered to lots of homes mostly in Swansea west I think but you can pick up a copy at some libraries or you can read it online.


Shirl D said...

I read and bookmark all your Bay Hinds' Sights (wish the digital copy editor was aware the apostrophe should denote "of Hinds" not Hind's - changing the bookmark is pedantic and a pest).
Yes, highlighting the work of our RNLI is a good choice of topic, Liz.
Plus, I've used that type of lift in hotels, pubs, restaurants, The Range (store), Solent Marina and Plymouth Theatre. From my wheelchair, I keep pressing and thinking about the less dexterous mobility challenged. I think the button is meant to deter foul play but it's never easy!

Shirl D said...

I'm leaving my previous comment because I know you'll forgive the friend who mistook October for November.
And YES, YES, the story is a good theme for this time of year. But having recently given myself permission to "divorce" a close relative, I cannot envisage an arms-wide welcome for either of us. An attitude of forgiveness (me) must surely be preceded by a sign of sorrow (the rellie) ... and I know that will never come as I've waited all my life to hear the Sorry word.
I still think the Prodigal Son is the perfect story to tack onto the Christmas message - well done, Hinds' Sight!

Liz Hinds said...

I had a disagreement with them about that apostrophe! And the RNLI one is last month's; this month I'm looking at the prodigal. Glad to know you read them, Shirl. Always encouraging.

Luna Crone said...

Congratulations! Published!