Thursday, October 19, 2017

You looking at me?

The optician has written to me. He hasn't seen for two years so thinks it's time we got together again. I think he could be right: I've been getting headachy after writing on the computer a lot.

I have three pairs of glasses: upstairs, downstairs, and outside.

I use the upstairs glasses for reading. They're two years old and were supposed to replace my downstairs glasses but I can't use them on the computer.
The downstairs glasses I use for computer work. They're four years old.
My outside glasses are also two years old but I've only recently started wearing them for driving, when I remember. And also for watching television sometimes.

Is it any wonder I get confused?


Sharon Qualls said...

I need new glasses, myself. Computer and reading glasses have never been compatible. I also need walking around glasses ...

Liz Hinds said...

Husband keeps telling me to varifocals but i'm not sure.

Regine Karpel said...

Have a great day.

Luna Crone said...

I've used bifocals 'forever.' And my glasses really change, in bright light. These are my big black round frames.

Have OLD pair, which I use for computer, because for some reason (shape maybe?) I can use them more easily, on computer.

also tried, what I think you call 'varifocals'... But I couldn't use them.

Some women will not wear bifocals, because they think they make them look "old." LOL. this woman is over 80 too, btw. anyway, I was never bothered by such thoughts. :-)

I go to specialist every year. Have not needed a change in lens, for years. but I still go. I love it, that he is the only doc, who can actually seeeeee inside me. seeeee the blood vessels and etc. always want him to say.... everything looks good. :-)

Jimmy said...

I'm due for a visit also, I wear the no line bifocals and really like them.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Haven't tried varifocals because a friend fell spectacularly downstairs the first time she wore hers . Life's difficult enough !