Thursday, June 22, 2017

How Facebook uses Mr Briggs and Mr Myers to sell you stuff

Just did one of those Briggs Myers tests. Which makes it sound as if I know who Briggs Myers is. Are? Probably two people? Two people who didn't realise that one day their names would be bandied about by unknowing people the world over who've become familiar with them simply through Facebook. Maybe in the future people will look back on Facebook and say, 'Oh yes, that was the thing that made Briggs Myers famous.'

Anyway one of those character tests that I'm sure you've seen and possibly done yourself.

I came out as Mediator (INFP-T) with 75% introverted, 74% intuitive. Husband was reading my scores over my shoulder and said, 'Yes, you rely on your intuition. Trouble is it's usually wrong.'

Really I don't know how we've managed to stay married as long as we have.

Simple explanation of the Briggs Myers types
Briggs Myers types in simple language
Back to my scores. I can't remember the rest. I think it was 71% feeling then something else then 73% turbulent. 'That's not right,' Husband said. You're not turbulent,' but I reading the small print it meant I spent 71% of my time feeling insecure and unworthy.

So, yes, pretty accurate. And I rather like the simple explanation of the INFP type given on this chart. Makes me feel like a hero.

Husband also remarked, 'You do realise that these tests just provide Facebook and marketeers with more information about you, with which to better direct their posts and advertising?'
'They'll be pretty confused by my answers then.'

P.S. Do my title and first paragraph pass the SEO test?
P.P.S. And I found out how to add alt text to the image. Still not entirely sure what it does but I'm trying. Very trying some might say.
P.P.P.S. I shall expect to see a huge leap in my visiting figures ...

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