Friday, March 10, 2017

Only slightly funereal but not in a bad way

'A commando?!!'

I have taken two things from the events of the last weeks.

Firstly, tell people now what you think about them. In a good way I mean. At funerals everyone says such lovely things about the deceased it's such a shame they're not here to hear it. So I resolve to try to remember to encourage and raise up people.

Secondly, ask questions now. You won't get a chance to ask when the person is dead so find out as much as you can about family and the person's history. That way you won't be surprised when at the funeral it's revealed that your uncle was involved in the D-Day landings. Or when you get an email from an old friend of your uncle's who says, 'Of course you know he was a commando?'
'A commando?!!'


S. J. Qualls said...

You are so right about asking questions before it's too late! I know very little about my family's background and now there is nobody to ask. My youngest son asked me a slew of common questions and knows me better than any of my other kids now.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

No one in my family as ever read my blog.. 10 years and never even looked at it so j doubt if they are going to ask me questions and there is no one left to ask about dad's family .. or my dad's life. He died at 40 and Was the youngest and they have all gone and even harder when they didn't come from this country.

I have started to wrote a list of who can come to my funeral (family members ) . They are not all invited .. can't speak to be when I am alive .. don't want you there .. can't even speak to me on fb . And we are friends. ..forget it.