Saturday, January 07, 2017

'Today is a new day and ...

I can try again at the healthy eating regime.' 

My words yesterday morning. Then we got the phone call that Uncle was unwell and I spent most of the day in his apartment with him. And ate half a box of Cadburys Fingers (because there was only half a box there) and a slice of millionaire's shortbread. So much for my healthy eating.

After his fall Uncle had a lot of pain in his back so the doctor prescribed him co-codamol, which apparently is notorious for its side effects. Which he suffered from. Nausea, dizziness and hallucinations. He was frightened to be left alone so we've arranged for his carers to spend some nights with him and some extra time during the day. Except tonight and tomorrow. So I'm doing the night shift tonight. I really hope I hear him if he calls. I sleep very deeply normally but I assume that being in a strange bed and being supposedly on alert will keep me in a light enough sleep to answer should he call.

Yesterday he was very poorly and seemed to go downhill but he's perked up today and has eaten a little so, with luck, he's on the mend and he'll lose his fear and regain some confidence.

But it's amazing how tiring it is doing nothing. I say doing nothing; I've actually done a lot of brain-work today attempting various crosswords and puzzles in his weekend Telegraph. And I've read about how porridge is becoming the in thing. But not porridge as you or I might know it. Oh no. Very fancy porridges with all sorts of added extras. The journalist writes: The porridge I’m about to eat is made with oats and coconut milk, scented with turmeric and cardamom and topped with pears, yogurt, maple syrup, nuggets of cocoa crumble and tiny purple flowers. 

I think I'll stick with sugar and milk for mine.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I do hope your uncle has a speedy recovery. It can be very daunting at his age. Especially after a fall. I am sure you will hear him. So glad to read he perked up a today.

Lots of brain work can make you tired .. ha ha. Crosswords are so good for you, try doing the cryptic ones too.

Being in someone else's home can make you tired. You cannot just get on and do things. As for the porridge, think I will just stick to the one I make. Who has Turmeric and Cardamom in theirs? And tiny little flowers ..!!!!! Obviously the person in the article. Take care Anne

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Just as we hear a baby at night , you'd certainly hear your uncle . I hope he's got over the medicine now , sounds horrible .
I would have loved to hear my Scottish granny on yellow porridge , let alone porridge with flowers on !

Trubes said...

I enjoy a bowl of proper porridge every morning,
with a drizzle of maple syrup, I know , naughty
but nice !
I do hope Uncle is ok, he's been through a lot of late,
with you being so kind to hm also..
i hope you both sleep well,
love Di. xx
PS hope all goes well with you appointment too xx.