Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dog flu

Back to the vet today as George was worse than yesterday. And very sorry for himself.
He had a bit of a temperature and a bunged-up nose so the vet diagnosed a cold.
'Do dogs get colds?'
Apparently yes.

It's most likely just a cold - or dog flu as George likes to call it - and he will recover in a few days and in the meantime he has pain-killers and antibiotics.
'See? I told you I was ill,' he muttered under his breath as he stretched out on his bed and sighed pathetically. 


Nick said...

I imagine dogs feel more miserable than humans when they're ill as they can't resort to human diversions like TV and books. But maybe I'm wrong and they just stoically endure it?

mrsnesbitt said...

Bless. Bing gave us a scare when he reacted to a dog chew - straight in the bin! (The chew not Bing!)