Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Whoops again

Forgot to do a post yesterday. I'd like to blame busyness but actually I just forgot.

My birthday is the start of a birthday season. Next is GrandDaughter1 who'll be 7 in just over a week. She's having a Harry Potter themed party and I'm dressing up as Professor Trelawney. (She appeals to the old hippie in me.)

For my costume I only need to find the clothes, the glasses and the hair. I have the crystal ball. (Okay, old bedroom lamp.) Now I'm wondering if Professor Sprout might not be easier.

After that is Husband's birthday but before both is Heather and James' wedding. For which I'm making the cake.

We're also off to Cardiff next Saturday to meet Elder Son and GrandSon1 for GS1's first rugby match - Wales versus Japan at the Millennium Stadium. No, wait, that's changed. It's Principality Stadium now I think.

Tonight I'm leading bible study at Zac's. Supposedly on the parable of the sower but I'm going to begin with a defence of Mary Magdalene who wasn't an ex-prostitute. In 1591 Pope Gregory (who wasn't) the Great concluded the evidence proved her to be one and the RC church didn't change their position until 1969. 

Also each week I lead Rubies bible study for women and grandchild-mind. Oh and I'm doing a community chaplaincy course. 

So if you want me to do anything don't ask until after 3rd December. 

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