Sunday, November 13, 2016

We all live in a yellow submarine

Husband bought me some face paints for my birthday. Of course GrandDaughter1 had to try them out on me with a butterfly on one cheek, a rabbit on the other and a rather dashing moustache to round it off.

The yummy birthday tea ended in style with this Yellow Submarine cake, continuing the Beatles theme, made by Younger Son. Do you like his ingenious resolution of the problem of not having a 4 candle?

The face paints, Husband explained, were at half price in Sainsburys having been left over from Halloween. I upset him today by telling him that all the Halloween stuff is now marked down to 5p!

Face paints are just the latest in the long line of ... let's say unusual present ideas of Husband's. Others include a hair-cutting kit ('think of the money you'll save by cutting our hair'), fat balls and dvds he wanted to see. (To be fair, he's also bought me jewellery, perfume and dvds I want to see.) I really am a very fortunate woman.

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