Sunday, November 06, 2016

My tongue is worn out with overuse

It was a glorious day. And we live in the most beautiful of places. So naturally enough lots of people took advantage and walked around the cliffs. Under such circumstances you might expect them to be happy and carefree. Alas, my tongue was fair worn out after being poked out at so many miserable walkers who ignored my smile or greeting. (If you read my blog regularly you may recall I decided some time ago to poke out my tongue at the retreating backs of old miseries.) 

You do wonder why some people bother to walk when they could stay at home and be miserable.

This little dragon - or possibly shag - was pleased to pose for me though.

In other news I am disturbed at the loss of two things. Firstly my glasses. (I'm wearing my old glasses to type this in case you're wondering and, you'll be pleased to hear, I have my new new upstairs glasses for bedtime reading.) The last time I recall using them was to read some sausages in the kitchen last night. I'm fairly sure I took them from the study in to the kitchen leaving the case in the study. But the case is missing too so it throws doubt on that memory and possibly my sanity.

The other thing to have gone missing - strangely enough also from the kitchen - is my digital radio service. This is seriously irreplaceable and threatens my well-being. Husband can usually fix these sort of things but he has given up. 'You'll have to listen to FM,' he says. Huh!


Ole Phat Stu said...

Is that tongue thing something you learned on the chaplaincy course?

Liz Hinds said...

No, it's self-taught. But could be developed for other situations.