Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Friday? Really?

My last post was as long ago as that? So much for my resolve to write each day ...

In my defence blah, blah, blah. Excuses.

Saturday we joined Elder Son and GrandSon1 in Cardiff for GS1's first rugby international. Not a completely traditional afternoon as I insisted on trying pies from the Pieminster shop rather than buy them (at exorbitant prices and not very good) in the stadium. I opted for  Heidi pie with squash, spinach and goats' cheese, which was a bit strong but otherwise tasty. And it came with mash and gravy!

GS1 and I both had our faces painted.
And from that point on the afternoon went downhill with a lacklustre performance from Wales against Japan. We won. Just. 33-30 thanks to a last minute drop goal. Next week we take on South Africa. I am not looking forward to what could be another thrashing.

Sunday - can't remember. Spent the morning playing games with GS1 before he went home then, oh, yes, I remember: I spent the rest of the day in A&E with Uncle.

His nose had been bleeding since midnight. Not pouring but a steady trickle and when he called and spoke to a doctor he was advised to go to A&E immediately. He's nearly 91 and is on warfarin, which thins the blood I think so they were a little concerned.

So at about 1.30 pm I set off to pick him up and take him to Morriston hospital on the other side of town. I finally got home again at 11.00 pm. Which is more than Uncle did as they insisted on keeping him in for the night.

2.15 pm Arrive at A&E.
See Triage nurse.
See doctor who wants him to see an ENT doctor.
Told to go and wait elsewhere.
Get there and nurse says, 'You shouldn't be here; we haven't got room.' Then she sighs and says, 'Oh sit in the waiting room.'
See doctor.
Doctor does what he has to do.
Uncle fights against staying in but is persuaded by doctor and me that's in its his best interest because of his high INR levels - whatever they are.
10.40 pm I go home.
Monday 8.30 am Uncle phones to say he's ready to go home.

The staff were all very kind and, when dealing with Uncle, very efficient, but the waiting in between was ridiculous. Uncle used to be someone important in the NHS and I suspect he is going to write to someone who is now important suggesting ways of streamlining the system. One way might be to cut down the number of people who ask and write down the answers to the same questions.

So that was Sunday and half of Monday. Rest of day spent searching for birthday presents for GrandDaughter1 who is seven tomorrow. Followed by attendance at the opening night of the Zac's art exhibition in the Grand Theatre.

Today it's been looking after GrandDaughter2 day. Husband, who'd normally lend a hand, has been poorly and only able to sit in his chair and play Civilisation on his computer for the last three days. So tonight, when I should be in Zac's, I'm here writing this because I'm just too knackered.

Running on Lemsip.

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stuart said...

I once read somewhere that the reason that they all ask the same questions is to double check that nothing has been written down incorrectly. Makes sense I suppose.