Thursday, August 18, 2016

What makes a child?

Looking through photos of our afternoon activities with the grandchildren Daughter exclaimed, 'No wonder our children are feral! It's Granny and Graddad's fault.'

I object. Paddling in streams, playing with mud and climbing trees doesn't make feral children; it makes children.
I'm making faces at GrandDaughter2, honest.


Leslie: said...

What fun! *grin*

Trubes said...

What's Feral again?
When my girls we little we across the road from some woodland with THe River Dibbin running through they spent most days, (a tribe of them), swinging over the river on a rope, having picnics, playing rounders, cricket and football....Feral...nah! Just doing what normal healthy kids do .... play !
We couldn't afford holidays as I was a single mum then, but we sure got out,
to nearby beaches, We used to ride bike along the Wirral Way and stop for a picnic, then go home for a barbecue of sausages, home made burgers etc...I enjoyed my children's childhood as much as they did.
I bet your kids do exactly the same with theirs as you and Mike did with them.
Di xx

Liz Hinds said...

It was, Leslie!

I'm sure they will, Di. It's about making memories, isn't it?