Monday, May 09, 2016

The things you find on shelves

I've been having a clear out. 

I was going to have a major sort out of the study but as I began and looked around i realised that was a bit ambitious for a Monday morning so settled for a minor sort out.

It's amazing the stuff I keep. Feeling ruthless - a) I haven't used this for the last umpteen years, and b) the children won't want to sort it out after I've gone (taking lessons from Uncle) - I've filled two green bags of paper for recycling and two boxes of books for charity shops. 

Among the stuff I've come across are five enormous Mr Forgetful birthday cards, two copies of Hollybrook Cookery and several drawings I did years ago.
 A friend and I organised the Hollybrook school  recipe collection  to raise money for the Special Care Baby Unit at Southampton's Princess Anne Hospital after the unexplained cot death of a baby of one of the mum's in the school. That must have been thirty years ago. But i was and still am pleased with it.

Less so with Mr Forgetful. I have no recollection of buying the cards, I don't like them and I never buy in bulk like that. So it's a mystery. Maybe I inherited them from someone.

A few years ago - nay, a goodly few years ago - I tried my hand at drawing. Not from life but from pictures. I was rather pleased with the poppy.

I also have a stack of files of writing from various courses and groups I've been involved with. One day I will sort through them. Really I will. But I also remembered a series of short articles I wrote for the local evening paper when Daughter was getting married back in 2003. You may _ I hope - find them entertaining so I'll publish them on my long bits blog. But here's a taster to be going on with:

Valentine Countdown
1st January 2003
New Year resolution number 1: I will no longer leave everything until the last minute but will emulate boy scouts and be prepared, and well-organised.
New Year resolution number 2: start serious diet as of now.

Shall begin by taking in hand organisation of daughter’s upcoming nuptials. Consult Ms Etty Kett’s Guide to Modern Marriage. Page 43, Invitations should be sent out at least three months in advance.
Wedding is 14th February, giving us, let’s see, six weeks and two days precisely. Bother. Must be a record – breaking New Year resolution that quickly - even for me. Christmas truffles offer consolation. Mmmm, feel better already ... oh, bother, bother. 

Will not be downhearted at obvious flaw in resolution plans i.e. me, but will persevere. Make list of ‘things to do’, in no particular order.

Slightly concerned about length of list and number of times word ‘buy’ crops up. Tell myself that that, at least, is husband’s worry, not mine and concentrate instead on most important task: write piece to read at wedding. Plan to write moving and sensitive piece to ensure wet-eyed delight, foiled by daughter saying, ‘you won’t write anything cheesy and sentimental, will you?’ Bother, bother, bother. Could be a long and too short six weeks.

For the rest go here.


Rose said...

That probably is a record for breaking New Year's resolutions:) I have been doing a lot of sorting out at my dad's the past few months and have been amazed/bewildered by all the things my mother saved--know anyone who would like 60 years' worth of church bulletins?? Every time I come back home after one of these days, I vow to start going through all my stuff and purging. So far, I haven't gotten much done here, but I did clean out one kitchen cupboard, where I found four bottles of almond extract. I guess I shouldn't criticize anyone else:)

Trubes said...

Loved the extra bit of the count down to the wedding, laughed out loud at the twitching eye in the woods episode.. and so on.
You really are a great and humorous writer Liz and it's just about time that one of those snooty publishers in London, or wherever they hang out, removed their heads from up their nether regions and recognised your talent...I wish I could do something to help you but I wouldn't know to set about it...thinking cap on !!!!!!
love Di xxx

Liz Hinds said...

Four bottles of almond extract, Rose?! I know what it's like: you need a tiny drop and can't remember if you have any so buy a new bottle each time.

Thanks, Di. I wish they would too!