Sunday, May 31, 2015

Slightly damaged goods

Walking up the steps today I felt a little lacksadaisical. As I said it to myself I stopped. Is it lacksadaisical or lackadaisical? Blogger thinks it's the latter as it picks the extra s up as a spelling mistake. And that was the conclusion I'd come to as well although at the moment of saying it lacksa felt more apt in some strange way.

Ah, the things that we ponder. Or rather the things I ponder.

Anyway my last post was well over a week ago. Since then we've had family staying and life being busy as usual.

GrandDaughter1 and GrandSon2 came for a sleepover on Friday. GrandDaughter1 feels she has outgrown the Winnie the Pooh bed cover so as I had to change it anway - Elder Son had upset her by telling her he was going to be sleeping in it and he was very dirty - I decided I'd visit a home store and seek out some new bedding for her.

I found some lovely fairy bedding and that would have been fine if I hadn't then ventured into the Cookware section. As I've said before, other people lust over Jimmy Choo shoes or designer fashions; my fetish is for all sorts of kitchen implements. Especially knives and saucepans.

When I got home Husband glanced over my purchases. He paid no attention to the chopping board, pastry brush or sieve but when his eyes alighted on the knife he exclaimed, 'What on earth? You have a rackful of knives up there!'
'I know but I don't like any of them and you know that I lost my favourite chewed knife.'

This is my new knife.
Weirdly (I think) it's ceramic, which is claimed to be 5 times as sharp as steel.

I used it today for the first time to chop the vegetables for my roast vegetable pasta sauce. It's sharp.
He should be glad it's only a knife. They had some wonderful saucepans in stock. Trouble is I don't really need new saucepans: the ones I have are ... adequate. I can't really justify paying lots of pounds for new. Even though at least one of the saucepans I use came about maybe 35 years ago via father-in-law who used to work next door to the Prestige factory and was wont to rummage through their bins for slightly damaged goods.

However if I were to rid my home of all slightly damaged items there would be very little left I fear.


Emilylee Emilylee said...

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Lacksadaisical with an S sounds right , but I know it is not !! I hope Grandaughter got her bedding . If you have all the other knives and don't like theem , why not get rid of them .. I have a draw full but not my doing.