Monday, March 09, 2015

The car needs a phone

Travelling up to Surrey on Saturday Husband announced that he would have to get a smart phone. I should explain that we both have the most basic of models and use them very little - although apparently I use mine more than I thought - but more of that later.

'But you've only had yours a little while i.e. 4 years, and when I bought it for you you said you wanted something simple.'
'Yes, but the new car needs one.'
'Excuse me? We're buying the car its own phone?'
'Yes, so when the car is due for a service it can call the garage itself and arrange it.'

Which sounds like just an excuse - and a pretty poor one - for Husband to get a new phone if you ask me.

But it seems I'm to get one too!

I pay as I go and it turns out that I'm spending more than I would be if I had a contract which gives me all sorts of clever things and a phone for less money.

But I probably still won't be able to find it when I need it.

P.S. We had a lovely time in Surrey. Both grandsons were snuffling and coughing but when GrandSon1 offers kisses and cuddles you don't worry about things like that; you just resign yourself to getting a cold.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You're showing your age , I fear . Four years old is practically prehistoric ! ...
(though a mere spring chicken compared to mine that lies , uncharged , somewhere in a drawer . )

nick said...

I've resisted a smartphone so far but with all the talk of more and more transactions via smartphone, my hand might be forced....

Could be dangerous for the car to have its own phone. It might secretly decide to shack up with another car - in Aberdeen.

Trubes said...

I've heard of 'The dog needs a bone' but not 'The car needs a phone'...ha ha ! feeble attempt at humour !
I see you were contemplating buying a new car, I was just about to recommend you try a Honda CRV, we're on our second, plenty of space and all the extras that would add thousands, had we got the BMW equivalent, then I read you've ordered a new choice. I'm a little envious as I love the latest models.
My first car was a mini, then I moved on to a Mini Metro, then fell for the Honda.
Himself still hangs on to his 18 year old BMW which still runs very well.
Hope you're enjoying the lovely Spring weather,
Di, xx

Liz Hinds said...

It's not quite brick-sized, sonata, but still gets laughed at.

It could do all sorts of things, Nick!

New car has arrived, Di, and has one splendid bonus about which I shall blog soon.