Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old Glanmor girls

It was a very lively group that greeted me at Sketty Methodist Church when I went to speak to them on Monday evening. First time back after the summer hols and they had lots to catch up on. Very jolly ladies who listened attentively, laughed in the right places and bought a number of books.

One woman who came in looked very familiar but I couldn't quite place her until, during her introduction, the chairman happened to mention that this woman's name was Janet. Instantly it clicked: Janet Evans from Glanmor Grammar School. I even remembered the road she'd lived in.

We haven't seen each other since we left school in 1971 but she hadn't changed at all, still had her lovely smiling face and gorgeous dimples. It took her a little longer to place me but then for her too everything clicked into place and she recalled all sorts of stuff. She'd been to a reunion a year or so ago - another one that I missed out on - and she was able to update a bit on some of the others. It always amazes me that I have only on the rarest of occasions seen anyone I was in either junior or senior school with. Okay, senior school took in girls from all across Swansea so maybe losing touch is understandable but our junior school was local and I'm still often in Mumbles yet there's only one person I ever see.

Anyway it was lovely to see Janet again. She took a photo of us on her camera and said she'd try and email it to me if she can manage to work out the technology - she's a technophobe. So watch this space.

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