Thursday, April 10, 2014

Part of a bigger picture

I called George to get his attention and when he was looking I threw a stick. He continued to stare blankly at me.
'Go and fetch it, you silly great plonker!'
'Oh right.' And he lolloped half-heartedly down the beach. 

I despair of my dog sometimes.

Following the winter storms there is a lot more sand on Swansea beach. There are also, coincidentally, an awful lot of tiny shells. I'm sure it coincidence as they were there before the storms.
It is wonderfully pleasurable walking on shells. I love the sensation and the crunchy noise beneath my feet but also the feeling that I'm part of something much much bigger. I'm doing my bit for nature, helping the erosion process so that my grandchildren (to the power of 10 at least) will still be enjoying a sandy beach. 

* * * * * * * * * 
Yesterday we enjoyed lunch at Verdi's with my 'old' blogging friend, Shirl and her husband, Pete. They called in on their way back from visiting family in west Wales and we were delighted to see them.

* * * * * * * * 
And now I'm off to prison for my weekly dose of inadequacy and feeling like a bad Christian. It's slightly worrying that I feel more at ease with offenders than I do with Christians, lovely though they are.


Shirley Davis said...

Yes, walking on small shells is/was lovely, I do recall.

Anyone ever visiting Swansea and needing lunch should head down to Mumbles where Verdis can rustle up tasty food indeed. I am pretty certain chez Hinds could too but my miserable body won't climb steps and Liz has quite a few! How did you manage with prams etc?

I've just watched 'One Born...' from Monday evening - it always leaves me feeling as though my life has somehow been blessed, and somewhat worried for those with many problems to overcome. It is as though I want to smooth all those hurdles for everyone. I am just glad Liz is doing it for me/them.

CherryPie said...

How lovely for to get the chance to meet up with an old friend again :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...
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Leslie: said...

Oh wouldn't you be so lucky to have 10 grandchildren from 3 children! My friend Wendy now has 8 from 3 daughters! At first I thought the shells would hurt, but then I realized that I only walk on sandy beaches. But it would be kind of fun to feel the rush of helping Mother Nature! Glad you had a great time with Shirl & Pete. Hope I get to meet them next time I'm there - and I really mean it...Lorne was just saying the other day he would love to go back! I'll hold him to that. :D

Robyn Lee said...

Walking on shells hurts my feet, if I don't have shoes on, that is.

I've seven grandchildren from two two daughters...we're a proliferative lot.

At least you do mingle with offenders...a lot of people wouldn't. I've never visited a prison but I've met an offender or two...or three.

I'm glad you met up with your old friends...I love meeting mine every now and then for coffee and cake or occasionally something a little stronger than coffee!

Enjoy your week and I hope your prison visit went well. x

Ole Phat Stu said...

OT: meanwhile, for discussion at Zac's place :-

Be interesting to read your feedback on the discussion :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well I suppose you could end up with 10 grandchildren ,, I have 5 and it is stopping there !!

Great that your friend Shirl got to call in to see you :-) Is Shirl from Yorkshire , or some where up North , has she met Leslie ?

Shirley Davis said...

The easiest way to update Leslie and Anne as to who I am is here. Hope that's OK Liz. Well, I'm doing it now...

Do you recall Lola the Lamb, the blog, Anne? That was me...and various other blogging guises. I finally settled as a crafter, with MS, and novel writer, with no excuse.

I do not live up North but I did (famously)marry a northerner in 2005, after internet dating, highly recommended. I found my perfect man. The right-sized lid.
Since then, I've been really poorly but that is behind us now. Meeting up with Liz was very special and not long enough.

Leslie, fly into Bristol and we can have a car meet you (ours) although about to become a smaller model so if heaps of luggage...

Thanks again Liz xxx

Liz Hinds said...

It was lovely to see you, Shirl - and Pete too.

Indeed, cherrypie.

I was wearing shoes to walk on the shells, Leslie!

Grandchildren are the best, Robyn.

The more grandchildren the merrier, Anne!

nick said...

I hate walking on shells. I always have that horrible feeling that I'm inadvertently slaughtering hundreds of tiny creatures hidden in the shells.

Liz Hinds said...

These are all empty shells, Nick!