Sunday, January 12, 2014

The simple things in life

A slow-cooked beef casserole with mash and runner beans followed by rice pudding. Sometimes it's the simpler things in life that please. Especially after getting soaked through walking George again. But this time my feet were dry!!

Yes, dear reader, I have invested - finally - in a new pair of wellies. Sensible green ones bought from a DIY superstore. I have come to the conclusion that pretty ones may look nice, and are adequate for splashing through a few puddles, but for lots of muddy George-walks I need the real thing. Let's hope these prove my theory and last a bit longer.

But - and prepare yourself for a revelation - when visiting said superstore I popped in to the shop next door to buy lemons and honey (for my poorly menfolk). And the name of the shop in which I bought these essentials: Lidl. Not winner of Best Supermarket of the Year award - that was Aldi - but a close second surely. 

Previously I've only ever been to Lidl to buy pear juice, it being the only place on the planet - okay, maybe Swansea - that I could find it. I suppose it's the unfamiliarity of the brands that cause suspicion but a lemon is a lemon and the honey I bought was a famous brand sold cheaply. The trouble I find with these shops is temptation in the form of chocolate sold very cheaply. Mostly continental brands but yesterday they had offers on Cadburys too; but I resisted. I was so proud of myself that, on our walk, I treated myself to an extra-large ice cream from Ripples.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I returned with my new wellies so instead of tramping through the woods Nuora and I walked along the sea front and having got as far as Ripples it would have seemed rude not to indulge. Especially as I'd taken money with me for just such an emergency.


Leslie: said...

You slay me, Liz! No chocolate so you deserve double ice-cream! I can relate to your rationalization, though. I love this shot of DIL and George (saw it on FB too) and love the smiles on both their faces! Right now, Tegan is curled up in the chair next to me but on a big towel because she went swimming in the river a while ago and is still wet. I'm so tempted to cover her up just like I would a baby, but she'd probably get too hot. Have a great week.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow Liz no chocolate . I often pop into Lidl if I see one, and in Scotland where my grandson lives that is where they shop, they do not have Tesco's or anything else in their town. I loved it , had lots of Italian items in there, and they do an Italian fortnight too. Aldi's is OK , the one in Oxford was so busy it was a mess to be honest.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Oh , I'm a Lidl fan , too . The fruit and vegetables are very good and they have lovely low fat thick yoghurt ( so low fat , in fact , that I can eat twice as much of it . Rather like your chocolate/ice cream idea , come to think of it )