Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wonderful morning

What a brilliant morning!

Before Husband retired I made time to walk George everyday; now Husband tends to walk him and I do other things. And I'm missing it. Both the exercise and the fresh air. So this morning I resolved to take George around the cliffs. On my own. I wanted to think too.

So off we set. And before we'd gone very far I saw a seal! At first I thought it was a log - I'm notorious for 'seeing' things in the water. 'Oh look a ... penguin?' But then it raised its nose and dived under emerging again a distance away. I was watching for it again and beaming when another walker passed. 'You've seen the seal?' she asked.
'Yes!' I squeaked.

A little further on a cormorant flew by. Normally we only see them close to the water but this one flew just above my head. Then a rather elegant gull with black wing tips flew past too. I don't usually find gulls elegant but this was less scary than some.

I was positively floating for most of the walk.

And the fresh air cleared my head and helped inspire me too. So, all in all, a brilliant morning.

The only negative was the discovery that while I knew one of my boots had a hole, when hopping through a stream, I realised the other one did too. Still I've had them since we went to Canada in whenever it was so they've lasted well.


Leslie: said...

Oh, I so miss walking with Tegan. I don't think I realized how much I enjoy it until I was housebound with this broken ankle. By the way, it's getting better and just a little over 2 weeks until I see the orthopedic surgeon when he WILL tell me I can walk without it!

Liz said...

It'll soon go, Leslie, and when it does walking will seem even sweeter!

Stu said...

We can be sure that, if and when you invest in a new pair of wellies, George will immediately bite a hole in them ;-)

Liz said...

No it's sticks he likes, stu.