Monday, August 05, 2013

On the rejection roundabout again

Novel 3 rejection 1 received today. 

I read the email at lunchtime but the wave of depression has only just swept over me - 3 hours later. 

However after a day of torrential rain the sun has just come out. I'm sure there must be a rather lovely Christian analogy there but at the moment I can't be ... I'm tempted to use a word favoured by the young and less-than-sweet-mouthed but, though I might say it in my head I can't write it on my blog so I'll settle for ... bothered to look for it.

Instead I'll find the next agent on the list and submit again. While allowing myself to sigh just a little.


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ugh. Tough luck.

You know, in the spirit of Christian fellow-feeling and gentility, I gave up swearing for a long while. However, I have decided that while I have no wish to use blasphemy, the 'earthy' swearwords have their place and are acceptable to me, with one proviso: you choose the place and you choose your audience wisely. So yes, unless you have (like me) issued a general 'adult content' on your blog, I'd agree with not using them here!

Suburbia said...

Keep going Liz!

Rose said...

Saw your post on Facebook about this, but didn't want to hit "like," because that didn't seem quite right. Don't give up! Every author's bio I've read has talked about all the rejections he/she received, so you're not alone. One of these days a smart publisher is going to recognize a talented writer when he reads your manuscript.

Liz said...

Thanks all! Better today. Loads of other stuff going on that is getting me excited and looking forward.