Sunday, July 28, 2013

Up, 2 3 4, get 'em up 2 3 4

'Well, today I've spoken in prison, done the ironing and changed the beds; I think it's time for a Verdi's ice cream.'
'It'll be crowded,' says always-look-on-the-black-side Husband.
'No, it won't; it's raining.'

He was supposed to put up more of a fight than that. We're supposed to be on diets for goodness sake. I point this out to him as we head for the car.
'Okay, we won't go then,' he says.
'Oh, it's too late now. We're on our way.'

After enjoying a delicious honeycomb and apple crumble cone in the sunshine - they're only passing showers - I see Jo Hilborne. Exactly a year ago Jo decided she needed to take her weight and fitness in hand and has lost an amazing amount, is a weeny size 10 and runs everyday. 

Getting home I feel inspired to dig out my fitness dvd.
Before tea I put it on but not without objections from Husband. Not because he thinks I shouldn't do it but because 'You'll wear out the carpet!'
'Seriously? You think I'm going to do this so regularly and so fervently that I'll wear out the carpet?'

He takes himself off into the other room in a huff.

Soon it's me who's huffing and I'm only on the warm-up. I decide I won't worry too much about what my arms are supposed to be doing - I'm having enough trouble with my feet; I figure if I wave my arms around as if I know what I'm doing I can fool my head into believing I look cool. 

I manage to struggle through the slo'n'steady but it takes longer than I expect and dinner beckons so medium and fast will have to wait for another day. And I'm not sure if it's them or me but one of us can't keep in time ...


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How do you find the enthusiasm for all this ?? and all your blogging etc ,, Yes why did you say go for an icecream if hubby was meant to say no , I never understand this ,, :-)

Robyn Lee said...

Hmmm,you sound a lot like me, Liz. I have a gym membership and I do go...occasionally, just to check that I'm not missing anything other than classes.

Enjoy the ice cream...

Liz said...

I have no will power, anne, so i need him to say no.

Oh I did, Robyn!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...