Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bread of heaven

The first game of this year's Six Nations rugby tournament, Wales versus Ireland,  was very depressing if you're Welsh.

After losing their last 5 games Wales went into it not exactly as favourites. My head told me they wouldn't win but my Welsh heart hung on faithfully in hope.

With Wales 20 points down at half-time and playing awfully I was seriously dreading the next half but they came out of the tunnel like men possessed, a different side, who were actually trying to play properly. It wasn't enough to win but at least it wasn't a totally shameful defeat. And they showed courage, patience and determination, which is enough to restore that hope.

Although as they're playing France in Paris next Saturday I won't get too hopeful. (Not until Saturday anyway when my Welshness will overcome my sense again.)

P.S. The boy in the BBC Wales trailer has his hair done at the same hairdresser that I go to!


jams o donnell said...

If they can play two halves like the second half against Ireland...Who knows!

James Higham said...

Never mind - there are still games ahead.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Bread of heaven?

I thought the lad was bred of Evans ;-)

Furtheron said...

Listened to the last bit of the first half on the radio and then saw second half on the tv... At one point honestly I thought they might win it, now that would have been an unbelivable come back!

Liz said...

Who knows, jams?

there are, james, and we can do it!

Ha ha, stu.

It didn't do my nerves any good at all, furtheron!