Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eating daffodils

Travelling back from Sainsburys  I kept the daffodils with the health & safety gone mad label on my lap. Husband laughed, 'Don't you trust me to pack them in the boot with rest of the shopping?'

We got home, he opened the back door of the car and the carton of one dozen eggs fell out onto the floor.

With 4 of the 8 broken eggs I decided to make a custard tart - but I didn't have the right fat so the pastry's not very good and, as you can see, the texture isn't right either. I think I put the eggs into the milk while it was still too warm. Ah well, you can't make a custard without breaking eggs - or something like that.


jams o donnell said...

Shallots are definitely better than daffs although not to put in a vase!

Leslie: said...

was it at least edible?

nick said...

And did the eggs have a warning "Do not plant"?

Liz said...

They are very lovely now they've opened up too, jams.

Don't think so, leslie!

I think there is a blog post here waiting to be written, nick!