Saturday, November 10, 2012

Eve of the last-day-of-my-fifties

Husband has just gone to the shop. 'Why are you going at this time of evening?' I asked.
'To get croissants for your breakfast if you must know.'
Husband is looking after me tomorrow as it's my last-day-of-my-fifties. He's cooking dinner and, obviously, has breakfast planned as well.
I said, 'I should stop you. I should remind you how fattening they are and tell you not to go.'
'As if that's going to happen.' he said.

I'm making barbecued spare ribs for dinner except they're not actually barbecued but cooked in the oven and they've been a family favourite for years. The recipe comes from The Times Calendar Cookbook by Katie Stewart.

This edition was published in 1976. You can tell a good cookbook by the state of it. This is a very good cookbook.


Suburbia said...

Happy birthday ♫♫♬♪♩♩♬ to you!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It's been scientifically proved that nothing you eat on your birthday is at all fattening .
Meanwhile ...
A Very Happy Birthday !!!