Friday, October 19, 2012

For when you need prozac

GrandDaughter shows signs of being a great forager. We collected acorns on our walk to feed the piggies and she was spotting them - and unearthing them - half-buried in the mud. We discovered her Peppa Pig umbrella made a good transporter too.

When not gathering nuts she was issuing commands to Granddad to find num-nums - blackberries. The intention was to take them - or at least some - home to bake with but somehow they all ended up in GrandDaughter's tummy.

For a child brought up with parents determined to ensure they don't stereotype, she has turned out to be a very pink, princess and jewel obsessed little girl. Her favourite princess is sleeping beauty or Auw-woa-wa as she calls her. I love it. Don't you wish you could bottle these treasures to bring out whenever you're feeling down? There'd be no need for prozac.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Our youngest grandaughter is the Pinkest LOL LOL ... pink pink pink, bangles, hairbands, Princesses, .. she is a nearly 4 so a bit older than your grandaughter. .. She is a Diva in the making, ,... she chooses her clothes to wear .. and if she doesn't like anything , she will not wear it .. and her hair has to be so right .. I don't know where she got it from .. (well mum is a little bit of the influence) .. where as my other grandaughter, loves allsorts and is a bit of a stage queen, .. loves all sorts of clothes, .. but also girly with it all .. and the boys .. well they are just boys LOL LOL

Liz said...

They're all individuals, anne, and develop naturally - irrespective of outside influences sometimes it seems!

Furtheron said...

Lucky you to have this time - I love the fact she is becoming a pink princess with is what she no doubt is destined to be.

My nephew really struggled with his son when he wanted a shop kit as a toy - just wasn't what he saw his "boy" playing with... :-)