Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Malteser Surprise

Deciding to make Malteser cupcakes when you're already on your way to the shop isn't the best idea, not if you can't remember what you need. I knew it was something to do with malt and the only thing I could find was Horlicks (malted milk drink).

Unfortunately when I got home and searched through my recipes I found I also needed buttermilk or digestive biscuits or cream, none of which I had. 'How hard can it be to make up a recipe?' thinks I. And it wasn't. I just added some Horlicks plus some milk to my usual cake mix and mixed smashed Maltesers in with butter and sugar for the topping. 

And for the Surprise in the title I popped a Malteser in the middle of each cake. And when I sampled them I discovered why none of the chefs had made such a suggestion in their recipes: the crunchy wispy Malteser ends up as a tough treacly nugget. 

Hey ho, Husband likes them. And I'm sure they'll be eaten in Zac's tonight.

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CherryPie said...

They certainly look tasty!