Monday, June 04, 2012

A life on the ocean waves

It's almost a principle that we don't venture out of the garden on bank holidays 'because everywhere will be too busy' so this afternoon when Husband said, 'Let's go out somewhere,' I almost fell off my chair. The danger was that if we didn't we'd both have fallen fast asleep: Daughter and her family have been staying for a few days and being grandparents is tiring!

Rather than go to Mumbles, which is busy any weekend, we went in the other direction and wandered along the beach and through the marina.

Looking back at the Tower, the tallest residential building in Wales.

This young sea dog was encouraging George to join him on his boat as he waited to go through the lock gates of the Tawe Barrage.
Some boats in the marina are for work ...
while others are for play.


Leslie: said...

I know what you mean about not going further than home on a holiday. And especially with all the jubilee extravaganza going on. I watched the flotilla on TV - actually got up and watched it live starting at 6 am here on BBC Canada and on CBC. I quite enjoyed it, but got a bit tired about in the middle. The ending was well worth waiting for, though. Are you in a jubilee sort of mood? Or are you a separatist?

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