Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The eye of the camel

Sean's away tonight so I'm leading the bible study. We've reached the bit in Mark where a rich young man is told by Jesus to give away all his possessions if he wants eternal life.

Unless there are any secret millionaires in our little group I'm probably one of the most well-off (by Swansea standards) people who'll be there so I'll be squirming on my seat a bit. Not comfortable reading. As one of the websites I looked up said, 'If that's true not many Christians are going to get to heaven.' (It was an atheist website but it's a valid point!)

By the way, I'd been told that the eye of the camel referred to a city gate in Jerusalem, so low that camels had to be unladen and go through on their knees. It's a useful little analogy for how we are to approach God but apparently there's no archaeological or historical evidence for such a gate. 


mrsnesbitt said...

I use to enjoy Bible study - sadly our village church does not offer such a service/facility - I must find something! Nag me from time to time Liz - I must sort my life out!


Suburbia said...

That's interesting Liz

Hope it went well? X