Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just like a native

We had a fab time in Italy, meeting up again with Fiancée's family and seeing the local area of Piemonte. The weather back here was good apparently but we had it even warmer at about 24-26 degrees. If anything marked us out as tourists - and probably British at that - apart from the camera, map and inability to speak Italian, it was that we were wearing t-shirts while the natives were still in jumpers, coats, boots and scarves. Fiancée's parents said it was still cold for them - and they experienced temperatures of -20 during last winter.

That said, Italian women have made scarf-wearing an art form. When I try to emulate them I look as though I managed to get out the house before my mum could make sure I was dressed properly.

Yes, that's snow. We took a trip up into the nearby Alps, to just beyond Limone. We would have gone higher but the road was still being skied across although there wasn't much snow left; it's been a short season apparently.
Younger Son celebrated his birthday the day we left. That's him with Fiancée and her brother.

Lots more about our Italian trip to follow but we have to go and get the fish back now.

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