Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brazilians, cossacks and burpees

This is what Husband had me doing yesterday: shifting three sofas out of the lounge and piling them up on top each other in the hall. Just call me Superwoman.

Although I didn't feel like Superwoman when I was in circuit training later. I've come to the conclusion I have a problem with my brain. At least that's Husband's theory.
I struggle with any exercise that requires me to move both feet at the same time and in the same direction (such as a bunny hop or burpee). My right foot obediently does as it's told; my left foot follows - literally. A beat later. Like Corporal Jones in Dad's Army, my left foot is always one step behind everything else.
And, what's more, they should rename the squat thrust; for people like me it should be called the froggie thrust as my feet point outwards at roughly 45 degrees. I never realised how bad it was until I started doing circuits and Jules says, 'Your hips, legs and feet should all be pointing in the same direction.' Whoops.

P.S. Meant to say the carpet men are coming today to fit our new lounge carpet. Yay!
P.P.S. Carpet men have been. Now I need to go to the shop and buy different paint as the carpet doesn't match the wall over the fireplace.


Furtheron said...

Don't panic Mr Mainwaring - Don't panic!

Leslie: said...

That is one huge hall to fit 3 sofas in it! I just have a small entry way. But then my house is open plan. Small problem to fix the paint on one wall. It could have been worse! :D