Saturday, December 03, 2011

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Now we've passed Husband's birthday (December 1st) we can start concentrating on Christmas. We began this morning by visiting one of the big stores that sells loads of Christmassy stuff. Husband bought some lovely lights for outside - preparing for the reindeer to come ... - and I bought these essential accessories.I am convinced that having grandchildren brings out the latent chav (translation: someone very into bling and tack).

I didn't buy this but was strangely fascinated by the idea of making my own snow.
And today I've discovered Spotify and I'm compiling a playlist of Christmas music. I'm having so much fun! Best title so far is All I Want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus.
Mine is a very eclectic mix with Ella in between Santa getting stuck up the chimney, a gospel choir and a wombling Christmas.

I've also started shooting turkeys in the hope that by Christmas I might actually hit one. Tomorrow is 'Make a reindeer day' or maybe that should be 'Try to make a reindeer day'. Or even more likely, 'Fail to make a reindeer day'.

It was all set off by nightmare last night. I dreamed it was 2.00 pm on Christmas Eve and I suddenly realised I'd forgotten to buy a turkey or any vegetables and all the shops had either moved or closed early. The closest thing I could find to a turkey was a blackened shot-riddled thing (guilt for all the turkey shooting I'm doing?)

When I told Husband he said, 'That wasn't a nightmare; that was a memory.' Which is a ridiculous exaggeration. It was midnight the day before Christmas eve that I had us driving around Swansea looking for - and not finding - a turkey.

I used an adaptation of that tale in my first novel and the woman from the Romantic Novelists' Association who critiqued it (and hated it) said that was ridiculous: no woman would ever do that. Huh, shows how much she knows!

Rapidly putting nasty ladies behind me, I'm so excited: can you tell?


katney said...

When DD#2 was about six or seven years old, all she wanted for Christmas was an ELECTRIC hippopotamus.

I don't know what I can add to that.

Liz said...

A young lady who knew her own mind, katney!

CherryPie said...

Seems you are definitely getting into the mood of the season :-)

Furtheron said...

All our decorations are up - tree looks great, my daughter has been walking around all day with antlers on too...

Lee said...

It does sound like you've caught the Christmas Spirit, Liz! It's yet to tag me, but I guess it will! It never fails no matter how much I dodge and weave! :)

I've put all nasty ladies behind me...even those I've not yet met!

Sorry I've not visited for some time, Liz! It's good to catch up!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You do look jolly, Liz!

nick said...

I like your Christmas accessories. But where are the tutu and clown shoes?

Suburbia said...

Yes I can tell!! What a brilliant post. Love all your enthusiasm, and I too had thought about buying snow!

Fab photo of you :-)