Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's not the healthy who need doctors

In Zac's on Tuesday we looked at the parable of the lost sheep. It's a great tale about the loving father heart of God but the thing which struck me on this reading was the short introductory paragraph.

The Pharisees were grumbling about Jesus because he was mixing with sinners so Jesus told the story to show how God seeks out the lost, the sinners.

The previous week someone had told me some things about a man who's been dropping into the bible study occasionally recently. They weren't very nice things - in fact they were very bad - but I believe and trust in the person who told me. As a result I found myself judging this man, condemning him, wanting him not to be welcome in Zac's or to be welcomed by God. 'How can you, God, want anything to do with this man?'

I was behaving just like the Pharisees.

Another lesson to be learned: my job isn't to judge but to pray. (To behave sensibly and not take risks obviously but in the safety of Zac's to act as Jesus would.)

* * * * * * * * * *
I've just read on Facebook that Amy Winehouse has died. (I wouldn't know anything if I didn't go on Facebook.) One of my blogging friends has commented that she's glad she's not a Christian after reading what some 'Christians' have said about Ms Winehouse's death.

I don't know what they've said but it must be horrid to make my friend say that and that saddens me. It also angers me.

Please don't judge us all by the words and actions of a few.


Leslie: said...

I so agree, Liz. That poor girl was tortured in her mind. At least she's now at peace.

MaryB said...

Poignant, as always, Liz. There's a lot of Pharisee in all of us. Sigh.

(You're on Facebook?? How have we missed each other?)