Saturday, July 23, 2011

I feel naked without it

I haven't worn any perfume for several weeks. I usually wear it everyday but I've run out. It wasn't on my last year's birthday or Christmas list so I didn't get any but now I've had to gird my loins and buy my own. And my word how expensive is it?!

I like to wear Chanel No 5 in the day and Chanel Allure in the evening (if I'm going out). Allure is one perfume I can smell on me; I only get the benefit of No 5 when I'm doing dishes - no, I don't really understand that either but I guess it's to do with the temperature of my blood - but I do love it.

So I've dithered for ages over whether to buy some and which to buy. In the end I decided it had to be No 5 and I had to buy some: as the title of my post says, I feel naked without perfume.

Anyway perfume is my only expensive little luxury.

Oh and bras - but they're essential. And hair cuts - ditto.

What's your luxury? Or your scent?

What's your scent?


CherryPie said...

I have not sense of smell so I can't talk about scent.

A laptop computer... And the macro lens I ordered for my camera that I ordered today...

Leslie: said...

It seems as though everyone one goes these days, the venue is called "fragrance free" and thereby discourages both men and women from wearing scents. I used to love Anais Anais for the summer and Avon's Imari for winter. But I just seem to use Crabtree and Evelyn's talc nowadays. I remember one day walking into my old school and the secretary informed me about the new rules about no perfumes and I wasn't wearing any but she could actually smell my hand lotion - so I had to go and wash my hands to get the smell off - thereby making my hands rough again! bleh!

Leslie: said...

Duh! I meant everyWHERE one goes...but you knew that...