Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ernie Wise legs

Just added 'walk George' to my to-do list so I could cross something off.

As we were setting off I said to George, 'I bet you're proud to be seen with me with my walking boots, little white hairy legs and Eric Morecambe shorts. Not to mention unwashed.'
'I wasn't going to mention unwashed,' George said as he shrugged in a sort of 'so what's new?' manner.

Huh, he should talk anyway, big fairy, hiding on the bank when two Jack Russells went by. 'That's George, isn't it?' the owner said. 'We know him: he's scared of our dogs.'

And today had to be the day when I meet the sexy French girl walking her dog ... how on earth can anyone look good in an anorak?

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