Saturday, April 09, 2011

A novelty

My Lenten resolution to write a bit of my novel each day is working. My initial excellent progress has slowed mainly because life has been getting in the way but each day I manage to write a little. And some days it is a little: two words - and they were Chapter 14 - in one case. And one day I had to make do with writing 'in my head' but that was okay.

I'm finding it very helpful because I'm so immersed in the story it's flowing much better and very naturally. It hasn't been without its traumatic moments though. When I used the F word I came over all peculiar and giggled embarrassedly to myself, and at one point, when the heroine was talking about something she struggled with, I had to take a break to emotionally regroup.

So this exercise for Lent has been my most productive and useful to date, much better than giving up or doing without. As I said initially, it's not for any religious reason that I choose to do something for Lent but just that the discipline seems to work for me.

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