Monday, March 28, 2011

Dating George Clooney

As I was leaving work today there was a black cat just about to cross the drive in front of me. I slowed down and the cat looked at me, then turned around and walked the other way.

If I were suspicious I'd think I was - no, wait, I mean superstitious - headed for bad luck.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Because of our enormous new bed we're having to replace my bedside cabinet. I've bought one from ebay and it turns out to be a lot smaller in every way than the original. So this afternoon I started the cull of my knicker and sock drawer.

Any socks with holes - even if I like them very much - have been binned as have tatty knickers but I still have three piles: best, everyday and worn but comfy. Try as I might I am unable to think of an occasion that would warrant me wearing my magic squeeze-you-in-till-you can't-breathe-and-then-some-more knickers though.

I mean, how likely is a date with George Clooney? Seriously.

(By the way, what's wrong with this picture? That's right: no bulging over the top.)


katney said...

Did you know there was a name for that now? It's "muffin top". I think it has actually been added to the dictionary, though I am not sure which dictionary.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

It has been added to the Oxford Dictionary .. think it was last week .. !!

Yep Muffin top!!

jams o donnell said...

I love the idea of magic knickers!

Liz said...

Oh yes, I have heard that, katney, although I had to ask someone what it meant.

It's quite a good description though i think, anne.

If you don't want to breathe while wearing them you're okay, jams.

Leslie: said...

Oh the dreaded muffin top! I have one of those, much to my disgust!

nick said...

Flesh-coloured knickers have to be the most boring clothing items of all time. Even if they're being worn by Penelope Cruz.

nick said...

What's wrong with that picture is that it doesn't look like a human being, it looks like a doll. It's too perfect.