Saturday, February 26, 2011

What shall I read?

I'm reading at unplugged tomorrow evening. (Unplugged is the monthly live music event at Red Cafe in Mumbles.) Trouble is I don't know what to read.

I'm not a poet; most of my stuff is long and not suitable for reading aloud. I have plenty of monologues but they're either too long or too Christian. The funny ones are certainly too long. And pieces I like wouldn't necessarily be right for the audience, who will be mostly in their twenties.

I'll read a couple of John Hegley poems again because they're funny and I like them but as for my own stuff ...

I've narrowed it down to a choice of three:
the Bathsheba monologues - the audience will all be over 18 but is it appropriate?
the Rosenbergs story - but will it work read aloud and will they get it?
Angel Baby - but it's sad and a bit girly.

It's no good trying them out on Husband because he's not very receptive to reading aloud and doesn't like emotional stuff.

I've just read all three again and I'm no closer to making a decision. Phooey. I'll have to try reading them aloud to myself.


Suburbia said...

I like the drama of the first :-)

Liz said...

I read the Rosenbergs but think I should have done the monologues. Should have taken your advice.