Friday, February 04, 2011

My precious baby

I love my children; I love my husband. ('Huh hmm.' 'Yes, George, I love you too.') I'm not a stranger to love. So how to explain the overwhelming power of the love that I feel for GrandDaughter?

With Husband, it's a lived-in love. One that has gone through many stages, experiences, both together and separately. It's comfortable and safe. That sounds boring but solid is a better word. A foundation, a safety net. It's not always exactly how I want it to be but it's secure.

With the children it's an unconditional love. They are part of me and I of them. I love them for their individuality and their ways and in spite of their imperfections. As they were growing it was a love that was constant but not always strong enough to protect or heal them. Sometimes I took my love for granted because I was too tired to do anything else.

Now with GrandDaughter I look at her and see only perfection. I want to kiss her and eat her and protect her and love her and watch her. Every thing she does is magic. I see the change in her each week and the way she's developing and no child has ever been like this before.

It's not that I love my husband and children less; it's that my capacity for love has grown. And it surprises me. And it will continue to grow with each wonderful and perfect grandchild that is born. I am so so blessed.

I adore my precious baby.

'Yeah, yeah, granny, but do I have to wear this hat?'
Watching Zingzillas on Granddad's laptop.


CherryPie said...

That top photo is adorable :-)

katney said...

Love is probably the one thing that the more you give of it the moire there is of it to give.

And your children were probably just as amazing as the grandchild--certainly so in their grandparents' eyes. But when we have them day after day and have to deal with all the daily ins and outs of what loving them entails, we are just too tired to realize it.

Leslie: said...

I remember when I was expecting D2 and I asked my mother if I'd have enough love for the new baby. She told me then that love does not divide, but it grows! And so it did for D2 and GC1 and GC2. I know just what you mean and this love is so precious. I'm thankful that God made us this way.

Rose said...

I think Katney said it best--the best part about being a grandparent is that we can spoil them without worrying about the consequences, though I've learned to ration the chocolate:) And we can take naps when they go home.

Granddaughter just gets cuter every day!