Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I blame my granny ... and Ric

I'd put on a pound and half this week.

Although, last week when I didn't go to class because of my cold, I weighed at home and I'd lost one pound, so really that means I've put on two and a half pounds in one week. Which is an awful lot.

I blame the bread.

I've had two large helpings of home-made pizza as well as soup and bread twice. And when the bread's nice I can't just eat one slice. So that's what it will be.

George looks at me and coughs.
'What?' I say.
'What about the cheese, cake and chocolate?'
'I wasn't going to mention that.'

He is unkind to me. I've been poorly y'know. Like my granny said, I had to feed a cold.

Cherie in class is much kinder. 'Are you taking anything?'
'Only Lemsip.'
'There's a ridiculous number of calories in Lemsip. Something like 150. That'll be it.'

I much prefer that explanation. However I've googled it - as it doesn't give the calories on the packaging - but can't check the accuracy of that statistic. But Cherie said it so I'm happy to believe her.

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katney said...

Being sick--even a little bit--can always through the weight control off.